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Ethiopia / Eritrea: ICRC visits newly captured prisoners

06-05-1999 News Release 99/18

Delegates of the ICRC visited some 300 Eritrean prisoners of war between 17 and 19 April. The prisoners, captured since hostilities between Eritrea and Ethiopia resumed in February, are currently being held in a transit camp. The ICRC team, which included a health delegate, registered the POWs (prisoners of war) and interviewed them in private, in accordance with the Third Geneva Convention.

In addition to the new prisoners, the ICRC is continuing regular visits to POWs and interned Eritrean civilians at Bilate camp to verify whether their living conditions are in keeping with the rules of international humanitarian law.

In Eritrea, meanwhile, the ICRC is pursuing its efforts to gain access, as required by the Third Geneva Convention, to Ethiopian POWs captured since the conflict erupted last year.