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Pakistan: Training in humanitarian law and human rights law for police

29-07-1999 News Release 99/30

On 24 and 27 July, 25 instructors and staff members of the Elite Police Training School in Lahore and the Sihala Police College near the capital, Islamabad, attended two one-day workshops, receiving basic instruction in international humanitarian law, human rights law and the principles, methods and practice of law enforcement. The leaders of the workshops, a Dutch ICRC consultant specialized in dissemination among police forces and an ICRC delegate based in Pakistan, also gave a general presentation on the ICRC, the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the development of international humanitarian law.

The workshops, which were followed by discussions with the commanders and deputy commanders of the two institutions, was the first stage of a new programme recently approved by the authorities of Punjab. Under Pakistan's federal system, law enforcement and police training are the responsibility of the provinces, Punjab being the largest with a population of around 75 million.

Besides improving understanding of universally accepted principles and standards in law enforcement and policing, the aim of the workshops was to acquaint the participants with the contents of an in-depth instructors course to be held in October and November for two groups of around a dozen people and to adapt the ICRC's approach to the specific needs of Pakistani police training institutions.

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