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Rwanda / Congo-Kinshasa: ICRC repatriates Rwandan POWS

20-01-2000 News Release 00/01

Eight members of the Rwandan Patriotic Army held in Kinshasa in connection with the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were repatriated by the International Committee of the Red Cross on 14 January for medical reasons. The decision to repatriate the prisoners was taken by the Congolese authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Geneva Conventions. The prisoners had been registered and regularly visited by the ICRC during their captivity.

On three other occasions over the past year (22 April, 14 July and 21 October) the ICRC repatriated, for medical reasons and at the request of the detaining authorities, a total of four Zimbabwean prisoners of war held in Kigali as well as a Rwandan POW held in Harare.

The ICRC stands ready to assist in the further implementation of international humanitarian law, in particular the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols.