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China: Cooperating to promote the law

28-09-2000 News Release 00/37

The ICRC's regional delegation in Bangkok   held the fourth regional seminar for promoters of international humanitarian law   from 17 to 22 September. Organized in conjunction with the Red Cross Society of China, the seminar took place in Louyang, in Henan province. It was part of the " Dissemination China 2001 " project launched in 1999. The project aims to train those who will spread knowledge of the law and people who will, in turn, teach others to do so. Over a period of three years, courses will be held at Chinese Red Cross headquarters and in each of the 31 provincial branches to ensure that the message is spread to civil society, academic circles and the civilian and military authorities.

All the subjects covered – the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, its fundamental principles and humanitarian law itself – were presented by Chinese Red Cross staff. The ICRC nevertheless has an important role to play in providing additional information, replying to questions, illustrating the subjects covered with examples from its delegates'experience and providing continuous assessment of the project.