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Sudan: Course on human rights and humanitarian law for police instructors

02-11-2000 News Release 00/42

From 14 to 26 October, 22 Sudanese police instructors attended a course on human rights law and international humanitarian law. It was the first such course organized by the ICRC in cooperation with the Sudan Unified Police Forces, which intend to include these topics in their training programmes.

The participants explored a wide range of issues relating to the provisions of the two bodies of law that should be applied by the police during their main duties, such as maintaining public order, making arrests, protecting victims of armed conflict and assisting those in need.

This course is the first stage in a programme agreed upon with the Ministry of Interior during consultations in May 2000 between senior officers of the Sudan Unified Police Forces and the ICRC. Under the programme the ICRC will offer expertise and train a number of police instructors, who will then pass on the knowledge they have gained to officers at the police academy and in training schools .  

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