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Israel and the occupied/autonomous territories: Red Shield of David and Palestine Red Crescent on alert in Jerusalem

09-11-2000 News Release 00/43

Ever since the troubles flared up, hundreds of Magen David Adom (Red Shield of David) and Palestine Red Crescent first-aid workers and ambulance drivers have been reporting to their respective centres in Jerusalem every morning for fresh supplies, preparing themselves for the next clashes between Israelis and Palestinians, which usually start in early afternoon.

On the Palestinian side, emergency vehicles are drawn up a short distance from the flash-points. A first-aid post is hurriedly set up on the ground floor of a building, away from immediate danger. A short time later, ambulance sirens are heard and the first of the injured arrive for treatment. Fortunately, most of today’s injuries are minor, and the patients can return home after treatment.

On the Israeli side, ambulances bearing the red star of David take the wounded to fully-equipped emergency units.

As night falls and fighting ceases, the first-aid workers return to their bases. The events of the day are reviewed and then everyone grabs a few hours’ rest in preparation for the clashes that the next day will surely bring.

Since the crisis started, the Palestine Red Crescent Society has treated 7,110 persons in its mobile first-aid posts, transferring to hospital the 20% most seriously injured. The Magen David Adom has treated 425 persons, 53 of whom were Israeli soldiers.