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Women and War - project

08-03-2001 News Release 01/09

  The programme to assist the Ogoo association is one of many put in place by delegations around the world in response to guidelines that have come out of the ICRC's Women and War project. Launched two years ago, the project focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of how conflict affects women and thus helping the ICRC to meet their needs more effectively. One of the project's main aims is to conduct a study on woman and war.   While not altering the ICRC's basic principle of providing assistance and protection for all victims without discrimination, the study, due to be published this year, does however encourage delegations to initiate programmes designed to address the specific needs of women caught up in conflict – whether they have been sexually abused, forced from their homes or separated from their families.   So far, 18 delegations are planning to carry out women-oriented programmes in 2001. These range from specially designed dissemination courses to the rehabilitation of maternity wards. According to Charlotte Lindsey, project manager, a highly successful effort has been made in Sierra Leone: "The delegation has set up a number of creative programmes. Some of them are operating through women's associations, which is an extremely effective approach. Considering the devastating impact the conflict in Sierra Leone has had on women, such programmes are clearly needed and will prove extremely beneficial."  


 For more information on the Women and War project, including a statement by the ICRC President, Jakob Kellenberger, to mark International Women's Day, please consult the Website  

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