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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Aid for isolated groups in Equateur province

07-03-2002 News Release 02/10

Some 5,000 family parcels (cooking utensils, blankets, buckets, water containers, soap, spades, sugar, salt, and clothing) were distributed by the ICRC between 4 and 24 February to 4,800 families (almost 25,000 persons) in Bokungu, Mondombe and Yalusaka, either local people or people living displaced there. All three towns are in the isolated Tshuapa district of Equateur province.

The ICRC also distributed blankets, soap and condoms to local religious institutions taking care of vulnerable people in an area where four years of war have made life extremely difficult for the civilian population.

Finally, the ICRC plans to launch an agricultural rehabilitation scheme to help 2,000 families put their fields back into production and thus regain self-sufficiency and better living conditions.

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