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Russian Federation / Northern Caucasus: Limb-fitting centre reopens in Grozny

08-05-2003 News Release 03/51

Many people go through their daily activities under constant threat of a being killed or maimed by a mine.

Raising awareness of the dangers of mines and unexploded ordnance is one of the most important ways to prevent casualties among civilians. Awareness-raising aims to inform people about these dangers but also to work with those most at risk so that they can change their behaviour to minimize the threat. When a tragedy does occur, however, despite all efforts to prevent it, the victim must be given the chance to stand again “on his own two feet”. A recently reopened prosthetic/orthotic centre in Grozny will help the disabled to do just that.

The reconstructed centre was officially opened by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development at the end of April. The ICRC supplied the equipment needed by the centre to produce artificial limbs. The newly hired personnel are receiving financial and technical support from the ICRC to attend a two-year training course in Sochi, on the Black Sea. The first group of students to complete the initial six months of training began to apply what they had learnt at the end of January and have already fitted 30 amputees. Meanwhile, another group has begun training. The centre will serve more than 100 patients before the end of the year. Once training is completed and the centre is working to full capacity, it will fit more than 300 patients a year with new artificial limbs and perform repair work on the orthopaedic appliances of an even greater number of people.

The services provided by the Grozny prosthetic/orthotic centre give people injured by mine or ordnance explosions the opportunity to return to active life – something they thought they would never do as they spent the first months after their accidents in hospital beds.

For more information please consult ICRC programmes in the Russian Federation/Northern Caucasus .

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  Annick Bouvier, ICRC Geneva, tel. ++41 22 730 24 58