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Burundi: Seminar on war surgery

29-08-2003 News Release 03/101

A seminar on the sound use of basic medicines in war surgery, organized by the ICRC delegation and the Ministry of Public Health, will be held in Bujumbura’s Prince Regent Charles Hospital from 1 to 5 September.

Since 1999, the ICRC has provided medicines and medical equipment on a monthly basis for seven hospitals in several provinces of Burundi to enable them to offer free medical care for up to 150 war-wounded patients.

When clashes broke out in July 2003 between government troops and the opposition Forces for National Liberation in the southern districts of Bujumbura, the ICRC supplied Prince Regent Charles Hospital, the Kamenge teaching hospital and Prince Louis Rwagasore Clinic with extra surgical kits to help them cope with the influx of people wounded in the fighting. The ICRC also helped the country’s Health Directorate supervise hospitals during the emergency, and gathered statistics on the wounded and on aid provided for hospitals.

The aim of the seminar is to help the ICRC and its Burundian partners share their experiences of wartime surgical emergencies. Surgeons, professors of medicine, the director of Burundi’s central medical purchasing unit, and the ICRC’s medical coordinator will lead this seminar intended for 30 surgeons and nurses of Prince Regent Charles Hospital and Prince Louis Rwagasore Clinic.

The ICRC’s medical activities in Burundi also involve supervising surgical teams and methods used in prescribing medicines, and improving the management of hospital dispensaries, the overall aim being to enhance the quality of the free care given to Burundi’s war-wounded.

 Further information:  

 Atilio Rivera Vasquez, ICRC Bujumbura, tel. ++257 21 29 08 or ++257 21 28 65  

 Andrea Pontiroli, ICRC Bujumbura, tel. ++257 21 29 08 or ++257 21 28 65 or ++257 944 380