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Asia: Special "Family links" website

05-01-2005 News Release No. 05/2

Last week, following the disaster in Asia, the ICRC launched a special website ( to provide information for people on the spot and around the world who are concerned about the safety of their loved ones.

  link to FamilyLinks Home page  The website can be used to let others know one is alive or to post the name of a person being sought. For people without access to the Internet, the ICRC is sending out mobile teams to collect information on " I am alive " forms and displaying printed lists in key public places. As a further service, the ICRC has made satellite or mobile phones available so that people can call their family members nationally and abroad.

In order to be as comprehensive as possible, the website provides links to other sites containing similar information. Instructions about how to enter a name and consult the ICRC lists are given on the website itself, which is in English. About 2,700 names have been entered to date.

 For more information, please contact:  

 Eros Bosisio, ICRC Geneva, ++4122 730 2101