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Cameroon: Pan-African course on international humanitarian law

29-03-2005 News Release 05/26

The ICRC held a pan-African course on international humanitarian law in Yaoundé between 14 and 25 March. This seminar – the second of its kind – brought together around 40 French-speaking lawyers with an interest in the incorporation of IHL into their domestic legislation or in the teaching of this branch of law at universities and similar institutions in a dozen of Africa’s French-speaking countries.

The course had two aims: to promote IHL as a separate subject at universities and educational institutions that prepare students for careers as diplomats, administrators or judges, and to encourage countries to incorporate IHL into their domestic legislation.

Subjects included the application of international humanitarian law to peace-keeping operations, the relationship between human rights and IHL and the protection of different categories of victim during armed conflict. The participants also discussed how the conduct of hostilities could be regulated in contemporary conflicts.

The ICRC’s regional delegation for central Africa has been based in Yaoundé since 1992. It undertakes a range of humanitarian activities in the region, specializing in the promotion of IHL among the armed forces and civil society.

 For further information, please contact:  

 Yves Heller or Valéry Mbaoh, ICRC Yaoundé, tel. : ++ 237 222 58 59 / 223 94 25  

 Marco Jiménez, ICRC Geneva, tel.: ++ 41 22 730 22 71