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Ten years of promoting humanitarian law in Georgian schools

17-11-2005 News Release 05/82

The ICRC is marking the 10th anniversary of its educational programme in Georgia, which teaches secondary school pupils the basic rules of international humanitarian law.

This body of law, applicable in the event of armed conflict, lays down minimum humanitarian standards to protect people who are not, or no longer, taking part in the hostilities. They include civilians, wounded and sick military personnel and prisoners of war. The law also sets limits on the methods and means of warfare.

Over the past decade the ICRC has worked with Georgian educational specialists to write and publish two textbooks – What hate has destroyed and Know yourself – as well as a manual for secondary school teachers. These books have been distributed throughout Georgia and are now used in 2,300 schools, enabling some 150,000 new pupils each year to learn the basics of the law.

The programme has been adapted to the new educational standards being implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science. This means that tomorrow's pupils will continue to study the basics of international humanitarian law.

 For additional information please contact:  

 Maia Kardava, ICRC Tbilisi, tel. +995 32 35 55 10  

 Annick Bouvier, ICRC Geneva, tel. +41 22 730 24 58 or + 41 79 217 32 24