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Iraq: ICRC launches new assistance projects

06-02-2006 News Release

The ICRC has recently launched a series of small projects in Iraq on behalf of Primary Health Care Centres (PHCC).

These projects involve the rehabilitation of water supply and sewage systems as well as the repair of electrical components such as generators and heating units that are essential for the health centres to be able to function properly.

The repair work includes 12 PHCCs in Al-Anbar Governorate and 6 in the West and South of Baghdad Governorates. The projects will be expanded to other PHCCs in the near future.

In another development, the ICRC is assessing the potential needs of hundreds of thousands of Shiites marching in procession towards the cities of Najaf and Karbala to mark the anniversary of Ashura on Thursday 10th of Muharram.

In coordination with the Ministry of Health, the ICRC is producing 125,000 one litre bags of drinking water and distributing them to the Directorates of Health in Najaf (25,000) & Karbala (50,000) as well as to Al-Kadhimiya Hospital in Baghdad (50,000).

 For further information, please call Nada Doumani  

 Tel: +962 777399614