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Lebanon / Israel – ICRC Bulletin No. 11 / 2006

11-08-2006 Operational Update

Latest report on ICRC activities in the field

The population of southern Lebanon is still cut off. Civilians live in fear, with no idea what will happen next. Restrictions on vehicle movement south of the Litani river are intensifying the sense of isolation. There are still people in villages completely isolated from the outside world, and many cases of hardship. Old people have been abandoned and there are people in need of medicine for chronic illnesses.

Many corpses still lie under the rubble, despite the fact that people have the right to know that their relatives are dead and to bury them properly.

It remains extremely difficult for aid workers to reach the south. Even Tyre is now virtually inaccessible, following bombing of the last road that linked the city with the north. Deliveries of aid to the city by road have been postponed indefinitely. It is essential that humanitarian agences obtain access, so that they can bring in aid and provide medical services.

 Evacuation of wounded and vulnerable civilians  


On Tuesday 8 August, at the insistence of the ICRC, the Israel Defense Forces opened a window of opportunity in the hostilities, allowing a joint ICRC/Lebanese Red Cross convoy to go into the villages of Addayseh, Meiss el Jebel, Mhaybib and Houla (south of Marjayoun) and evacuate 250 persons, including people who had been wounded, children and old people.

Between 12 July and 10 August, Lebanese Red Cross staff evacuated 776 wounded, transported 5,452 medical cases and collected 256 bodies.

 Food distribution completed in Tyre  


In cooperation with the municipality, the ICRC last week finished distributing food to the entire population of Tyre, including a few hundred displaced people living in temporary centres. In total, 5,137 families in the city received food parcels (enough for a week), containing food for 25,685 people.

 Escorting aid convoys  


On 8 August, the ICRC accompanied a 13-truck Turkish Red Crescent convoy on its journey into Lebanon from Aboudie, on the northern border of the country. The convoy was notified to the parties and was marked with huge red crosses, visible from the air. It carried 18 palettes of medical items to supply the Lebanese Red Cross in Tripoli. On 10 August, the ICRC accompanied a further four trucks containing food, pillows and mattresses to Sidon. These supplies were for displaced persons from southern Lebanon and Palestinian refugees in refugee camps.

The ICRC also worked with the Lebanese Red Cross to get the necessary “green lights” for a truck to move from Beirut to the city of Marjayoun and for an

Lebanese Red Cross convoy to Jezzine. Both carried liquid oxygen for medical facilities.

 Humanitarian action in northern Israel  


Since 12 July, the Magen David Adom (MDA) has been providing medical services for civili ans affected by the hostilities in northern Israel. MDA personnel have treated and evacuated hundreds of people, including 136 wounded, and have collected the bodies of 41 civilians.

 For further information, please contact:  

 Annick Bouvier, ICRC Geneva, tel. +41 22 730 24 58 or +41 79 217 32 24  

 Hicham Hassan, ICRC Beirut, tel. + 961 1 739 297 or + 961 35 42 839  

 Roland Huguenin, ICRC Tyre, tel. + 961 3 35 62 91  

 Caspar Landolt, ICRC Jerusalem, tel. + 972 2 582 88 45 or + 972 57 773 52 35