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Lebanon: ICRC calls on fighters to respect humanitarian principles

09-05-2008 News Release 08/78

Beirut / Geneva (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) calls on all those involved in the current armed violence in Lebanon to spare the lives of innocents and facilitate evacuation of the wounded.

Fighting   broke out in Beirut on Wednesday and on Thursday, armed clashes between supporters of various political groups spread from the capital to other parts of the country, leaving at least 10 persons dead in Beirut and a number of persons injured. In the village of Saadnayel, in eastern Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, stray bullets injured five civilians, including a 12-year-old child.

The ICRC appeals to those engaged in the fighting to allow medical and humanitarian personnel to carry out their tasks and have unimpeded access to the wounded. Those personnel, as well as medical vehicles and facilities, must be protected against the effects of the violence.

For further information, please contact:
  Virginia de la Guardia, ICRC Beirut, tel: +961 1 739 297/8/9 or +961 70 12 98 69
  Anna Schaaf, ICRC Geneva, tel: +41 79 217 32 17