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Liberia: ICRC donates books on International Humanitarian Law

14-02-2007 News Release

The ICRC has donated 50 textbooks on International Law to the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law of the University of Liberia. The textbooks will provide the law library with educational material related to International Law.

 The following was issued as a press release by the ICRC delegation in Monrovia on 13 February 2007  

This donation is part of a framework whereby the ICRC intends to work with the law school for the promotion of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), aimed at strengthening educational initiatives towards international legal standards.

The ICRC hopes that the donation will increase support to those teaching International Law, help implement the principles and norms deriving from this branch of the law, and establish good working relationships between the two institutions.

In addition, the ICRC intends to undertake a number of academic activities with the purpose of disseminating International Humanitarian Law, and fostering its respect.

These include incorporating International Humanitarian Law into postgraduate curricula, organizing moot court competitions, offering training on International Humanitarian Law, and promoting the study of International Humanitarian Law by hosting seminars and workshops.

 For further information, please contact:  

 Zelkifli Rahman Ngoufonja, ICRC Monrovia, +231 6528 089