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Paraguay: the ICRC steps up its cooperation with the police

06-03-2009 News Release 09/50

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the National Police of Paraguay have renewed an institutional cooperation agreement whose purpose is to incorporate the relevant human rights across the board into the body of instructions issued to the police force. The agreement was signed on 4 March in AsunciĆ³n.

" This is an important step because the police is demonstrating its commitment in the human rights field” says Michel Minnig, the ICRC regional delegate for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay and he adds, " we are convinced that a professional police force is one which, in the exercise of its duties, complies with national and international standards, including respect for the human person”

The agreement, which was signed between the chief of the national police, Viviano Machado Origüela, and the ICRC, will make it possible to pursue the work which began in 2006. In this context, training manuals, policy documents and rules of conduct will be analysed with a view to incorporating in them the human rights standards applicable to police duties. In addition, police instructors who have already been trained in the subject by the ICRC will be encouraged to disseminate their knowledge within the forces. 

Two courses to train human rights instructors have been held since 2006 and the subjects covered by police training courses and a policy document have been analysed.

The ICRC is also running this programme in other Central and South American countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala and Panama.

Furthermore, this week, the ICRC and the Swiss Embassy in Paraguay gave a joint presentation on the Montreux Document to the Paraguayan Deputy Foreign Minister, Embassador Jorge Lara Castro and to the Minister for Defence Luis Bareiro Spaini. This instrument reaffirms States’ obligations to e nsure that private military and security companies operating in armed conflicts comply with international humanitarian and human rights law. 


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