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Somalia: seminar on IHL held in Mogadishu

28-06-2005 News Release

The ICRC organized a two-day seminar from June 28 to 29 on international humanitarian law at the Faculty of Sharia & Law at Mogadishu University.

The aim of the seminar was to provide the thirty participants, including graduates as well as students of the university, with the basic elements of IHL.

At the opening of the seminar, Mr. Hussein Moalim Iman, coordinator of the Somali Centre for Water and Environment at Mogdaishu University welcomed the ICRC organized event.

" This is not the first such collaboration between the ICRC and Mogadishu University, " he said, " There were several projects between the faculty of nursing and the ICRC and we hope that there will be further joint initiatives between the two sides. "

The seminar was facilitated by the ICRC's Anahita Kar who said it had been a highly useful exercise.

" The discussions and performance of the students were extremely effective, " she said.

At the close of the seminar, Dr. Mohamed Isse, the Dean of the Faculty of Sharia & Law encouraged participants to pass on what they had learnt to those that hadn't been able to attend.