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ICRC seminar on war surgery

30-03-2006 News Release 06/12

The ICRC will hold its 17th war-surgery seminar in Geneva from 31 March to 2 April to introduce medical staff to the specific demands of the surgery performed by the organization.


  ©ICRC/V. Miranda/er-n-00020-29    
  Northern Darfur, Bir Meza. An ICRC mobile surgical team conducts an operation    
    Thirty-seven participants from 22 countries – 24 surgeons, 6 medical doctors, 3 anaesthetists and 4 nurses – will be given the opportunity to share their experience and to receive instruction on such topics as appropriate surgical and anaesthesia tech niques, wound management and patient care in war zones, the running of hospital projects, and rules of international humanitarian law governing access to medical care in time of war.

In addition, the ballistics laboratory of the Swiss Army will open its facility to seminar participants for a demonstration of wounding mechanisms. The event will be hosted by Beat Kneubühl, a world authority on wound ballistics. The Swiss government will cover the cost of the visit.

For the first time, the seminar has been approved by the Swiss Society of Surgery and participants can receive credit for 16 hours of postgraduate coursework.

The ICRC has long been acknowledged as a leading authority on war surgery. Enhancing the skills of medical staff working in war zones can often help to save lives. During the past two years, ICRC medical teams specializing in war surgery have treated war-wounded people in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, South Sudan and Darfur, as well as people in conflict areas affected by natural disasters such as Banda Aceh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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 contact Ian Piper, ICRC Geneva, tel : +41 22 730 20 63 or mobile +41 79 217 32 16