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Uganda: second course in international humanitarian law with UPDF

09-08-2006 News Release

The ICRC and the Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) are jointly organizing a two-week training exercise during which 30 army instructors and military lawyers, will be trained in the principles of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) applicable in situations of armed conflict.

 The following was issued as a press release by the ICRC delegation in Kampala on August 9 2006  

The training, to include both classroom and field exercises, will be held between August 7 and August 18 (at UPDF Junior Staff College, Gadhafi Garrison) in Jinja. With this course, the UPDF will be further building its capacity to incorporate humanitarian law into military training procedures and operations (as is required under the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols). The conduct of nine such courses is envisaged during a three year period of co-operation between ICRC and UPDF.

This is the second such course being held by the UPDF with ICRC support this year.

The programme will include lectures on command responsibility, conduct of operations, behaviour in action, prevention of abuses of non-combatants and combatants no longer engaged in actual fighting, repression of IHL abuses, discussions on the twin principles of proportionality and distinction in respect of military necessity when choosing targets.

" Officers attending will be expected to form a core personnel equipped to teach IHL in army institutions, " stated the Head of ICRC Delegation in Kampala, Michel Meyer.

The ICRC is responsible for promoting international humanitarian law throughout the world and endeavours to make the basic rules known to all those who carry weapons. In Uganda, the ICRC carries out its humanitarian activities in an impartial, independent and neutral manner.

 For further information, please contact:  

 Graziella Leite Piccolo, ICRC Kampala, tel: +0 772 221 994 of 041 341 605/6  

 Henry Ochieng, ICRC Kampala, tel: 0772 501 436 or 041 341605/6  

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