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Yemen: ICRC and Yemeni Red Crescent help people affected by fighting in Sa'ada

06-06-2006 News Release 06/35

Sana'a (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Yemeni Red Crescent Society this week completed an aid distribution in the areas of Majz (Al-Talh, Bani Mouath, Wal Massoud), Al-Safra (Nushur) and Al Sahar, in northern Sa'ada province, to households affected by fighting in late 2005 and early 2006.

On the basis of a survey carried out in April, a team of three ICRC and 14 Red Crescent staff, including four volunteers from the Society's newly established Sa'ada branch, distributed household items (blankets, mattresses, cooking stoves, gas cylinders, kitchen sets and tarpaulins) to some 400 families whose houses had been damaged or destroyed in the fighting. In addition, four health-care facilities will receive first-aid supplies in the coming days.

The distribution team determined that access to water is also an area in which help is urgently needed. Preparations are therefore being made to repair water pumps.

This is not the first time that the ICRC and the Yemeni Red Crescent have worked together. A year ago they came to the aid of people living in the Marran area of Sa'ada affected by fighting the previous year. They distributed water filters and provided materials for the repair of 84 ponds used for water collection that had been damaged in the fighting.

International humanitarian law strictly prohibits attacks on civilians not taking direct part in hostilities. The law also prohibits the destruction of water supplies, foodstuffs and other items essential for the survival of the civilian population. The ICRC and the Yemeni Red Crescent are committed to meeting the most urgent needs in Sa'ada province and the surrounding area. Both organizations will continue their work to address matters of humanitarian concern there.

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