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Togo: Red Cross mobilizes 600 volunteers for presidential election

03-03-2010 News Release 10/32

Lomé (ICRC) – The Togolese Red Cross has mobilized 600 volunteers to provide any first-aid services that may be needed in connection with the presidential election to be held on 4 March.

In 2005, when post-electoral violence occurred, the Togolese Red Cross took similar action. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been boosting the capacity of the country's Red Cross society in recent months to enable it to meet any challenges it may have to face.

With ICRC support, some 500 emergency workers have been provided with refresher training, new first-aiders have been trained in high-risk areas where there had been no such workers, and relief supplies have been distributed to some 100 emergency teams in 25 places believed to be at risk.

In addition, the ICRC has provided funding to upgrade the radio communications equipment of the Togolese Red Cross, in particular at its headquarters in Lomé and in the city of Atakpamé, 145 kilometres north of the capital, which was one of the places hardest hit by electoral violence in 2005.

The ICRC has also made available to the Togolese Red Cross a stock of relief supplies for 1,000 families as well as medical kits. In January it carried out assessments of the country's public and private medical facilities, in particular those in the capital Lomé.

Through its presence in the country, the ICRC is in a position to support the activities of the Togolese Red Cross and help strengthen its operational capacity. It also spreads knowledge of international humanitarian law within the Togolese armed forces and the country's institutions of higher learning, raises awareness of universal humanitarian principles among security force personnel and visits detainees covered by its mandate.

For further information, please contact:
  Emmanuel Placca, ICRC Lomé, tel: +228 911 48 59