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Chad: Convention on Cluster Munitions is ratified

04-04-2013 News Release 13/56

N'Djamena (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) welcomes the recent ratification by Chad of the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Chad is now the 80th State party to the treaty.

The Convention on Cluster Munitions prohibits the use, development, production or other acquisition, stockpiling, retention or transfer of cluster munitions. In addition, States that possess or are affected by the presence of such weapons on their territory are required to take all necessary measures to destroy their stockpiles, clear explosive remnants in contaminated areas and provide assistance for victims.

"This act reflects the importance that the Chadian government attaches to the suffering of the victims in the countries affected," said Linh Schroeder, head of the ICRC delegation in Chad. "The ICRC stands ready to help Chad implement this convention at the national level." The instrument of ratification was deposited with the secretary-general of the United Nations in New York on 26 March 2013.

The ICRC has been working in Chad since 1978. It brought aid to the Chadian population during the period when the country was afflicted by armed conflict and other violence. As the situation returned to normal the ICRC gradually scaled back its aid activities in the country, but it still helps the government authorities, the defence forces and the security forces to promote international humanitarian law and to write its provisions into domestic law.

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