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Yemen: Protecting sheep and goats against disease

08-07-2013 News Release

Sana'a (ICRC) – The Yemen Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), has completed a four-month animal vaccination campaign in Amran governorate. Over 32,000 farmers and herders in all 20 districts had their sheep and goats vaccinated against plague.

Fifty-six veterinarians from the ministry’s Livestock Department took part in the campaign and vaccinated nearly 720,000 animals. Sheep and goat plague has already killed several hundred animals in Amran since it appeared in the governorate a year ago.


"This was the first campaign to vaccinate livestock against sheep and goat plague in 35 years," said Mohammed Al-Najiri, head of the Livestock Department in Amran. "People were very cooperative, even though many farmers were unaware of the importance of immunizing their animals."

A number of farmers wanted to know more about how to care for their herds. "We plan to train communities in livestock disease awareness and animal breeding in the months to come," said Andrea Anselmi, the ICRC delegate who organized the vaccination campaign with Mr Al-Najiri.

The Livestock Department provided cool boxes and other equipment as well as the workforce needed to carry out the campaign. The ICRC contributed the vaccines, paid incentives for the vaccinators, and covered vehicle-rental and fuel costs. Twelve of the vaccinators taking part had been given basic training by the ICRC in 2012.

The ICRC has been working in Yemen since 1962. Alongside the vaccination campaign, it is currently supplying farmers with seed and tools, upgrading water supply systems, providing health-care facilities with drugs, equipment and training, and starting income-generating activities for families returning to their villages in conflict-affected areas.

For further information, please contact:
Marie Claire Feghali, ICRC Sana'a, tel : +967 711 944 343, + 967 736 071 967
Ayman Al Hakeem, ICRC Amran, tel: + 967 736 244 432