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Official mailing for members of Council of Delegates: Draft resolutions, workshops outline and reports


Council of Delegates 2013, 17-18 November 2013, Sydney, Australia

Please find below the draft resolutions, WS outlines and reports following the order of appearance of the CoD draft agenda. The CoD organisers will be pleased to receive any comments on these documents by e-mail

List of official documents

Draft annotated agenda of the 2013 Council of Delegates (CD/13/3.1)

(A) Plenary items

Item 4 – Working towards the elimination of nuclear weapons

- Draft resolution (CD/13/DR1)
- Background report (CD/13/4.1)

Item 5 – Strategy for the Movement

- Draft resolution on the “New Strategy for the Movement” (CD/13/DR2)
- Draft resolution on the Strategy for the Movement “Movement Fora” (CD/13/DR3)
- Background report on the “New Strategy for the Movement”  (CD/13/5.1)
- Report on the Strategy for the Movement “Movement Fora” (CD/13/5.2)

Item 6 – Movement coordination and cooperation – working together in the Movement: issues and ways forward

- Draft resolution on Movement coordination  (CD/13/DR4)
- Report on Movement coordination  (CD/13/6.1)
- Vision paper on Movement coordination (CD/13/6.2)

Item 7 – Memorandum of Understanding between the Palestine Red Crescent

Society and the Magen David Adom in Israel
- Report of the Independent Monitor  (to be made available at a later stage) ( CD/13/7.1)

Item 8 – International Branding Initiative

- Draft resolution (CD/13/DR6)
- Guidance document - The red cross and red crescent emblems and logos in communication, marketing and fundraising (CD/13/8.1)
- Branding toolkit (CD/13/8.2)

Item 9 – Weapons and International Humanitarian Law: Preventing the humanitarian consequences originating from the development, use and proliferation of certain types of weapons (Resolution 7)

- Draft resolution (CD/13/DR7)

Item 10 – Strengthening legal protection for victims of armed conflicts:  implementation of Resolution 1 of the 31st International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (Resolution 8)

- Draft resolution (CD/13/DR8)
- Progress report on implementation of Resolution 1 of the 2011 International Conference, strengthening legal protection for victims of armed conflict (CD/13/10.1) 

(B) Workshop outlines

WS1 Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (CD/13/WS1)

WS2 Humanitarian Education Platform (HEP) (CD/13/WS2)

WS3 Health Care in Danger:  Health-care workers, volunteers and communities at risk (CD/13/WS3)

  • At this workshop, experts and managers from the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement will discuss how to secure access to health care in armed violence. Red Cross and Red Crescent staff and volunteers have now the opportunity to participate by voting for the most important questions to be answered during the event: www.healthcareindanger.uservoice.com

WS4 Safer access and the protection of staff and volunteers (CD/13/WS4)

WS5 Persons with disabilities (CD/13/WS5)

- Draft resolution (CD/13/DR9)

WS6 Enhancing and promoting the Red Response: working with external actors  (CD/13/WS6)

WS7 Addressing the humanitarian impact of “external shocks” on vulnerable migrants, host populations and National Societies (CD/13/WS7)

WS8 Making the most of the International Conference: Outcomes of the 31st International Conference (2011) and preparations for the 32nd International Conference (2015) (CD/13/WS8)

WS9 Movement responses to sexual and gender-based violence in armed conflict and disasters (CD/13/WS9)


(c) Follow-up of the 2011 Council of Delegates

- Report on the work of the Standing Commission (CD/13/11.1)

- Report on the Empress Shôken Fund (CD/13/11.2)

- Report of the Joint ICRC/International Federation Commission for National Society Statutes  (CD/13/11.3)

- Implementation report on the Movement Strategy on landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war: reducing the effects of weapons on civilians (Resolution 6 of the 2009 Council of Delegates)   (CD/13/11.4)

- Implementation report on National Societies preparing for and responding to armed conflict and other situation of violence (Resolution 7 of the 2011 Council of Delegates)  (CD/13/11.5)

- Progress Report on Health Care in Danger (CD/13/WS 11.6)

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