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Council of Delegates 1999: Resolution 7

30-10-1999 Resolution

Red Cross and Red Crescent and Peace

Council of Delegates of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Geneva, Switzerland, 29 - 30 October 1999

The Council of Delegates,

recalling the definition of Peace given in the Preamble of the Statutes of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which states that “ by its humanitarian work and the dissemination of its ideals, the Movement promotes a lasting peace, which is not simply the absence of war, but rather a dynamic process of co-operation among all States and Peoples; co-operation founded on freedom, independence, national sovereignty, equality, respect of human rights and a fair and equitable distribution of resources to meet the needs of peoples ”,

 alarmed by the existing violence in most parts of the world and the ongoing violations of international humanitarian law and of the fundamental human rights which increases tensions and insecurity,

 recognising that human rights law is complementary to international humanitarian law in certain action oriented work in the field,

 bearing in mind the numerous resolutions on peace drawn up within the Movement since 1921,

 noting ongoing reflections on the contribution of the Movement to conflict prevention and peace building,

 recognising also the necessity for new initiatives and constructive measures based on the humanitarian work of the Movement in order to strengthen understanding between individuals and people and therefore to contribute to build a culture of peace through dissemination of its ideals and Principles,

1. invites all components of the Movement to ensure that their humanitarian work takes into account the basic human rights of the beneficiaries they serve;

2. commends the work by all components of the Movement involved in building local capacities for peace by paying attention to how aid can support Peace;

3. invites the components of the Movement to take part in the long term efforts to build a culture of peace and tolerance;

4. encourages National Societies or groups of National Societies to elaborate action oriented programmes on the prevention and mitigation of violence and peace building;

5. requests National Societies to keep the ICRC and the International Federation informed of progress of this work, so as to maximise learning on this subject within the Movement.

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