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Guinea: Red Cross helps people injured in violent demonstrations

04-10-2011 Operational Update

Violent incidents took place in Conakry on 27 September, causing many casualties. The Red Cross Society of Guinea and the ICRC, implementing a contingency plan, attended to the injured. In addition, the ICRC visited hundreds of people who had been arrested.

"Guinean Red Cross volunteers administered first aid and transported those with the most serious injuries to referral medical facilities rapidly and without hindrance," said Abdoulaye Diallo, the Guinean Red Cross executive secretary. "Altogether, 60 volunteers and seven ambulances were mobilized in various parts of the capital."

Most of the casualties were taken to Donka National Hospital and the Camp Samory Touré military hospital. Both facilities had recently received medical supplies from the ICRC enabling them to provide better care for injured patients.

On 27 September the ICRC began visiting people arrested in connection with the events in order to assess the treatment they were receiving and the conditions in which they were being held. Some 20 detainees took the opportunity to restore contact with family members. Detainees requiring medical attention were directed to suitable care providers. The ICRC distributed basic necessities for the detainees in the various places it visited.

"Obtaining access to everyone arrested in connection with violence of this kind remains a priority," said Denise Duran, the head of the ICRC delegation in Conakry. Over the past few days, the ICRC has succeeded in visiting several hundred detainees.



Guinean Red Cross volunteers test their response to multiple-casualty incidents. (Stock photo). 

Guinean Red Cross volunteers test their response to multiple-casualty incidents. (Stock photo).
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