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Emergency action of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement for the North Caucasus and the South of Russia (January - February 2002)

28-02-2002 Operational Update


 Chechnya - Bread Program Adaptation  

Always striving to update its programs and adapt them to the actual needs, the ICRC re-registered beneficiaries of its Bread and SOST Program in Chechnya (in Grozny in January and in major urban centres - in February). The ICRC adapted its existing criteria to those commonly used for identifying social beneficiaries. The reorganisation has allowed to take new beneficiary groups into consideration: orphans, half-orphans and children of large families (5 and more children). Out of the former beneficiaries, those older than 70 and handicapped people of Category I, will continue to be assisted by the Program.

After the re-registration, 37,500 people will benefit from the Bread and SOST Program in March. The bread is made by two different bakeries, this will ensure the best possible quality of distributed bread. In the second trimester, efforts will be made to increase the beneficiaries to 50,000.

 Chechnya - Assistance to Returnees  

Under its program of assistance to people living in collective centres, the ICRC helps displaced persons who have returned to Chechnya. A new centre in Grozny City where the ICRC is registering new arrivals is being added to the seven collective centres (in Argun, Gudermes and Grozny) which have been receiving aid so far.

 Chechnya - Difficulty of Access  

Linked to administrative problems in the issuing of travel permits for the Chechen Republic, ICRC delegates were only infrequently present in Chechnya during the month of February. This resulted in a reduced volume of visits to places of detention and less possibilities to meet with Chechen authorities.

 Daghestan - Mine awareness  

Basing on the results of a needs assessment that had revealed low level of awareness on the territory of Daghestan, the ICRC started carrying out a mine awareness program from January 2002 in Botlikh and Novolak regions of the republic. Within the framework of the program, presentations are conducted that aim at raising level of knowledge about danger from mines and UXO's. During two last months 83 presentations have been given to about 2,000 children.

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