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Emergency action of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement for the North Caucasus and the South of Russia (March 2002)

31-03-2002 Operational Update


Highlights extract 

 Ingushetia – Review of economic security activities  

The ICRC released in March a report on the economic security situation and needs of the IDP population living in Ingushetia. The Review process included a qualitative and quantitative survey of the IDPs (610 households were interviewed) as well as discussions and consultations with other humanitarian actors, authorities and ICRC staff.

The Review provided an overview of the situation of the IDPs and serves as the basis for ICRC assistance programmes during the 2nd part of 2002 when ICRC will switch from a blanket distribution to all IDPs to a targeted approach of the most vulnerable households amongst the IDPs.

 Daghestan – Review of economic security activities  

In March the ICRC started an economic security situation assessment of the IDPs and the resident population which has been affected by the crisis in Daghestan. This assessment is carried out in a similar way as the one carried out in Ingushetia and will provide the information required to adapt the ICRC programs for 2003.

 Chechnya – MA Programme – Meetings with imams  

Representatives of the ICRC Mine Awareness department met with the Mufti of the Chechen republic, cadis of Urus-Ma rtan, Shalinsky region and Argun town together with imams of 5 villages. The aim of these meetings was to establish working contacts with imams and cadis of Chechnya, to assess their level of knowledge about mine danger and to discuss the possibility of their participation in Mine Awareness programs. Taking into consideration that imams are of great respect among the Chechen population their help in informing people about the danger of mines and UXOs may give very significant results in the future.

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