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Iraq: ICRC response to the recent fighting

20-08-2004 Operational Update

 Humanitarian situation  


Fighting continues in many places in Iraq, notably in Najaf. Other areas where fighting is taking place include Samara, Kut, Fallujah and Baghdad (Sadr City). No reliable figures are available on the number of casualties.

Hundreds of families have fled Najaf’s city centre for its suburbs and nearby cities such as Hilla. No reliable figures are available on the number of people displaced. A large number of them have been hosted in relatives’ houses.

ICRC activities during the recent hostilities 

 Emergency response  



On 11 August, the ICRC provided three tonnes of emergency medical supplies and surgical equipment for the city of Najaf following an escalation of the fighting in the area. The supplies included anaesthetics, painkillers, fluid for intravenous drips, antibiotics, drains and sutures.

The aid, which was delivered in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, was sufficient to cover the needs of 200 surgical patients. Five ambulances and a truck carried part of the aid to al Hakim Hospital and delivered the rest to the Najaf Direc torate of Health, which distributed it to other medical centres in the city.

 Hilla area  

On 16 August, the ICRC provided relief items, including food, jerrycans, kitchen sets and hygiene kits for some 730 internally displaced people. Iraqi Red Crescent volunteers from Babil Governorate distributed the items.

On 18 August, the ICRC sent two water trucks carrying a combined 40,000 litres to Najaf residents who had fled to the Hilla area.

Deliveries of 40,000 litres of water daily will continue for the time being.

On 19 August, food parcels and other aid, including jerrycans, buckets and kitchen sets were delivered to 140 displaced families in Babil Governorate.


On 16 August, the ICRC sent 1.5 tonnes of emergency medical and surgical aid to Kut medical facilities. The supplies were distributed through the Directorate of Health in Wasit Governorate.


On   11 August, the ICRC delivered medical items to the Basra Teaching Hospital.


On 19 August, 1.5 tonnes of medical supplies and surgical equipment were delivered to the Primary Health Care Centre of al Jumhuriya in Fallujah city and to the Fallujah general hospital with the help of the Directorate of Health in Ramadi Governorate.

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