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ICRC archives

First World War. Rath Museum, Geneva. International Prisoners-of-War Agency, tracing service.

The ICRC archives collect and preserve ICRC documents dating from the organization's inception to the present day, and make them available for research. The ICRC's historical archives comprise 6,700 linear metres of textual records and a collection of  photographs, films and other audio archives.


ICRC archives to be opened:The public archives of the ICRC for the period 1966-1975 will be open to the public from 15 June 2015. The archives cover a number of important historical events including the Nigeria-Biafra War (1967-1970), the Vietnam War (1964-1975), the military junta in Greece (1967-1974) and the coup against President Allende in Chile (1973). More

 For further information, please contact: Michèle Hou, ICRC, Tel. 022 730 20 59, mhuang@icrc.org