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Researching victims of conflict


The Agency archives contain data about individuals that has been collected by the ICRC in the course of its humanitarian work in armed conflicts and other situations of violence.

Current armed conflicts and other situations of violence

To trace people caught up in current conflicts and other situations of violence, consult the Restoring Family Links website.
If you have lost touch with a family member and are looking for him or her, get in touch with the National Red Cross or Red Crescent Society in the country where you live.

First World War

The ICRC’s archives on individuals from the First World War have been digitized and can be searched online at http://grandeguerre.icrc.org/

Not all the data is available yet through this application and your searches may prove unsuccessful.

Questions should be sent to tracing.archives@icrc.org. There may be a delay in processing your request depending on the urgency of the other cases being processed at the time.

Second World War

In light of the ongoing revision of the rules for access to the ICRC archives, the research service is currently suspended. Find out more.
If you are looking for information about someone who was a prisoner of war or civilian internee during the Second World War, please note that the ICRC Agency archives only deal with requests of a humanitarian nature.

Your request will only be accepted if:
•           you are the person concerned;
•           it is made in the context of administrative formalities or a compensation claim;
•           you are seeking to determine the identity of a natural parent or grandparent.

Any such requests should be duly justified and addressed to the Agency archives team at tracing.archives@icrc.org.

Only requests that fulfil one of the criteria set out above will be processed.

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