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Other activities

Some of the other activities the ICRC is involved in

  • Reducing the humanitarian impact of weapon contamination

    What the ICRC is doing to reduce the effects of weapon contamination on civilians: data gathering and analysis, risk reduction, risk education, survey and clearance.

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo, North Kivu, Goma. Social research on war

    Social research studies on the impact of armed conflict on civilians and behaviour during armed conflict.

  • Humanitarian diplomacy and communication

    The ICRC promotes the knowledge, understanding and, when appropriate, the development of IHL by maintaining relations with a wide range of contacts, including States, non-state actors and international organizations.

  • Private sector relations

    The ICRC's reasons for maintaining relations with the private sector are twofold: to promote humanitarian principles with companies operating in war-prone areas and to enhance the ICRC's capacity to help the victims of war.

  • Strengthening international humanitarian law

    The ICRC is currently undertaking a major consultation process on how to strengthen legal protection for victims of armed conflict. This involves two tracks of work, one regarding detention in non-international armed conflict, and the other on strengthening compliance with international humanitarian law generally.