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The ICRC in Niger

19-12-2013 Overview

In Niger, the ICRC is helping people who have fled conflict in Mali, Nigeria and Libya, and residents who are suffering the consequences of these same conflicts. We are also aiding the victims of climate in areas previously affected by armed violence and intercommunal tension.

Helping refugees, displaced persons and migrants

Diffa, on the border with Nigeria, is currently hosting thousands of refugees and displaced persons. With the support of the Red Cross Society of Niger, the ICRC is providing these people with food and other essentials. We are also improving access to drinking water and helping restore contact between members of dispersed families.

Hundreds of migrants are stuck in Niger's desert region, with many lacking any form of aid. In Dirkou (north-east Niger), volunteers from the Red Cross Society of Niger enable migrants to contact their families via free phone calls. In Agadez, the ICRC and the National Society have made a temporary shelter available, where migrants can receive medical treatment, get a meal and contact their relatives by phone.

Help for residents

Farmers and livestock herders in the Agadez and Tillabery regions have been hit hard by the combined effects of drought and past violence. The ICRC is supplying them with seed and building up the capacity of grain banks. We are also supporting the vaccination of livestock and the treatment of parasites, covering some 4.5 million animals in 2013.

Detainee welfare

The ICRC visits detainees to verify that they are being treated with dignity and humanity. In some places of detention, we repair water and sanitation systems, and supply hygiene requisites.

Health care and physical rehabilitation

The ICRC is supporting certain health facilities in areas where it is difficult to obtain health care, by providing them with medicines and medical supplies.

A partnership with Niamey National Hospital has made it possible to set up a limb-fitting centre, where people with war wounds and the victims of mines from Niger and the region can obtain rehabilitation services.

Promoting international humanitarian law

To promote IHL and humanitarian principles, the ICRC maintains regular contact with political and military authorities, civil society, universities and the media. We also support the incorporation of IHL in university curricular and the training of the armed forces.

Cooperation with the Red Cross Society of Niger

The Red Cross Society of Niger is the ICRC's principal partner in Niger, and has a presence throughout the country. We are providing personnel and technical support to the National Society, helping it respond to the humanitarian challenges that correspond to its mandate.


The ICRC has been in Niger since the 1990s, and currently has a delegation in Niamey, a sub-delegation in Agadez and, since April 2013, a sub-office in Diffa, in the south-east of the country.



In the region of Tillabéri (western Niger).
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