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The ICRC mission in Ankara

29-10-2010 Overview

The primary role of the ICRC's mission in Ankara is to support the ICRC's protection work in Iraq. However, the ICRC also conducts activities within Turkey, focusing on the promotion of IHL and cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent on the "Exploring Humanitarian Law" programme.

In 2003, the ICRC opened a temporary mission in Ankara to support its operations in neighbouring Iraq. The ICRC's Iraq-related activities include notifying the Turkish authorities of the detention of their nationals and enabling Turkish detainees to exchange news with their families.

At the same time, the ICRC is undertaking activities related specifically to Turkey: the organization keeps the Turkish authorities up to date on international humanitarian law (IHL) and on its work, and this has included presenting the members of the Turkish parliament with the Turkish version of the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols.

NATO's Partnership for Peace Training Centre is located in the Turkish capital, and the ICRC gives presentations at the Centre on its work and on IHL.

Engagement with Turkish civil society includes ICRC participation in seminars on humanitarian issues and involvement in IHL-related academic events.

The ICRC supports the Ministry of Education and the Turkish Red Crescent Society, to facilitate incorporation of the Exploring Humanitarian Law programme into secondary school curricula.