Ma Su Hlaing with her children in their house in Hsipaw, Myanmar: As a mother of two toddlers, Hsipaw resident Ma Su Hlaing has her hands full. But despite her long and tiring days, she occasionally takes out time to talk to community members about the risks related to unexploded ordnance and landmines. Two years ago, when Ma Su Hlaing was expecting her second baby and went into labour, her husband Kyaw Thet and his brother trekked to get some medicinal herbs from the nearby mountains. But the trip turned tragic when they stepped onto a mine and lost their lives. Left alone to take care of two young children, Ma Su Hlaing received some financial support from the ICRC to make ends meet. Today, like a few other members of the community in Shan state who work with the ICRC and Myanmar Red Cross Society to spread awareness about landmine-related risks, she warns about the dangers of making that trek to the mountains and advises people to be safe than sorry.


作家阿娜伊斯·南(Anais Nin)曾说:"生命是不断丰充盈,还是日渐萎缩,取决于一个人勇气的大小。"

像霍·占迪(Ho Chanty)和莫姆塔兹(Momtaz)这样的女性,以及我们接下来所讲故事中的女性,就体现了这种坚毅和勇气。当处境于她们不利时,只要红十字国际委员会轻轻推动,给予小小的帮助,她们就能逆转局势。