A, Committee, 1854 - ongoing, 54 metres of shelf space

The Committee's archives, which bear an index number starting with the letter A, contain in particular the bound volumes of the minutes of meetings held by the Committee and the other decision-making bodies of the ICRC from 1863 to the present day (they are also accessible on microfilm), the 19th century archives and information bulletins.

As far as the other series of records in the A collection are concerned, detailed inventories have been made of only two sets of material deposited by Committee Members. These inventories may be found below.

Inventaire A VM EN, Correspondance d'Edouard Naville, vice-président du CICR, 1916-1920, In French only

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Inventaire A VM PR, Archives personnelles de Paul Ruegger, 1946-1956, In French only

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