O, Humanitarian coordination bodies, 1921- ongoing, 127 metres of shelf space

The archives of humanitarian coordination bodies set up jointly with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (the former "League"), National Societies or other institutions, are stored under index number O.

Detailed inventories have been made of the archives of only two bodies, the Commission mixte de secours, which was established by the ICRC and the League in 1941 to assist the civilian population of countries ravaged by the Second World War, and the Henry Dunant Institute, 1965-1998 (those covering the period 1965-1975 are accessible to the public).

Inventaire O CMS, Commission mixte de secours, 1941-1948, in French only

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Inventory O IHD, Institut Henry Dunant, 1965-1998, in French only

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