Photo: Jairo Villamizar / ICRC

Confidential dialogue with weapon bearers in Colombia

During the pandemic, we continued to carry out our humanitarian work in an impartial, neutral and independent manner.
Article 23 March 2022 Colombia

Our bilateral and confidential dialogue with weapon bearers and people affected by armed conflicts and violence enabled us to reach the remotest and most inaccessible parts of the country, where no one else could.

In 2021, we helped to release 27 people held by armed groups – one of the highest numbers in recent years. We thank all parties involved for their trust in the humanitarian work of the ICRC.

In cooperation with the Colombian Red Cross, we also supported the administration of vaccines against COVID-19 in remote parts of the country and areas that were hard to reach due to armed conflict. Support was given to cover the cost of travel, food and accommodation for the 886 health-care workers who took part in this exercise, and refrigeration units for storing the vaccines were delivered to 18 health-care centres and hospitals.