The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Bangladesh continues to work with the Prisons Directorate to strengthen and consolidate the support to prisons in view of COVID-19. As part of the assistance, we renovated and re-equipped three COVID-19 isolation centres because of which patients were isolated in time, thus making it safer for the remaining detainee population.

Most recently, our Health Care in Detention team distributed PPEs to the Prison Directorate as part of the support provided to prisons and COVID-19 isolation centres. The donated material included gloves (27,800 pairs), heavy-duty gloves (880 pairs), N95 masks (2,330 pieces), surgical masks (19,700 pieces), gowns (7,360 pieces), coveralls (10,920 pieces), and shoe covers.

On 13 September, the ICRC Bangladesh team handed over gloves, N95 and surgical masks, gowns, coveralls and shoe covers to Prison Directorate / ICRC

Emir Babayev, an ICRC detention doctor in Bangladesh, said, "Our approach to COVID-19 in detention is anchored in support to the authorities that are primarily and ultimately responsible for the well-being of detainees and staff. Our material and technical support to detention facilities and isolation centres include distribution of medical equipment, PPE, disinfecting materials, health promotion posters and on-site training for medical and non-medical personnel on infection prevention and control measures."

There are further plans to distribute medical equipment like contactless thermometers, nebulizers, examination lamps, pulse oxymeters and glucometers to three isolation centres.

Appreciating the ICRC's timely support, additional inspector general of prisons Colonel Abrar Hossain said, "Our joint efforts are aimed to protect prison health professionals and reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 inside the prison, as well as from prison to outside community."

"We thank the ICRC for its efforts to enhance the preparedness of the department in response to COVID-19 and wish to continue such cooperation in implementing preventative and isolation measures," Colonel Abrar Hossain added.