Tartus Governorate, Banias. This beekeeper was deeply affected by the negative economic consequences of the conflict. Like 240 other beekeepers of the region, he received equipment from the ICRC and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to help him increase its income. May Saad/ICRC

Evaluation of the ICRC’s economic security Analysis & Evidence Strategy 2019–2022

Report 25 May 2023

This evaluation focused on the achievement of the strategy for Analysis & Evidence, as part of the ICRC's economic security programme. The evaluation found that the strategy had been well achieved, contributing to the Analysis & Evidence unit garnering sufficient support to transform into a cross-programme initiative reaching beyond economic security.

The recommendations targeted at strengthening the new transversal A&E strategy, proposing an explicit investment plan for resources, and working on culture change for fostering evidence-based decision making. Further recommendations are targeted at the economic security programme to increase consistency of A&E practice across delegations.