Assistive devices for persons with disabilities in rural areas: the ICRC’s supported innovations. Photo: S.N./ICRC

Evaluation of Innovation at the ICRC 2018-2023

This is a summary of the final report for the Evaluation of Innovation at the ICRC 2018-2023.
Report 07 February 2024

It aimed to gauge the organizational changes brought about by the Innovation Facilitation Team's approach and to understand opportunities and requirements for innovation within the ICRC, in order to shape the future innovation strategy. Overall, it found that innovation was recognized by participants as an important capability for the ICRC. The IFT boasted a strong internal reputation and fostered robust relationships throughout the organization.

Main evaluation report

This full evaluation report explains the role of the Innovation Facilitation Team in building a culture of innovation. It examines how bottom-up initiatives have been supported to encourage innovative thinking across the organization, and applied in diverse settings, combined with more centrally led initiatives to address strategic challenges. The report analyses the achievements and challenges in fostering innovation practice at the ICRC, and offers 9 recommendations to sustainably establish the Innovation's vision and ambitions.

Executive summary

The executive summary focuses on the findings and recommendations of the report, including on how to strengthen the Innovation's strategic objectives, capacity and tools to support diverse areas of innovation.


Through the annexes, understand better the work of the Innovation Facilitation Team and the different innovation initiatives that have been supported throughout 2018-2023.