ICRC headquarters. A replica of a bomb-damaged ambulance on display, promoting the Health Care in Danger project. Photo: Thierry GASSMANN/ICRC

TRAK transformation (2020-2022)

This is a summary of the final report for the evaluation of the Trends and Analysis Unit (TRAK) transformation for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
Report 12 February 2024

The evaluation was carried out from July to November 2023 by Owl RE, research and evaluation consultancy. TRAK examines and analyses open-source information to support operational and strategic decision making.

In September 2020, the Digital Transformation and Data Department's Directorate (DTD_DIR), the management unit overseeing TRAK, decided that TRAK would be transformed into a new business model, based on the need to reduce costs. The purpose of this evaluation was to support strategic decisions on the future direction of TRAK in its new structure and to capture valuable learning for the organisation on the completed delocalization/transformation process.