Hotline: Assistance for journalists on dangerous assignments

01 November 2017
Hotline: Assistance for journalists on dangerous assignments
Libya, Tripoli, 2011. Journalists are evacuated in an ICRC vehicle. ©Reuters / P. Hackett.

Journalists on dangerous assignments who find themselves in need of urgent humanitarian assistance can call or text our dedicated, 24/7 hotline: +41 79 217 32 85 or contact the nearest ICRC office. The ICRC’s hotline can also be reached via e-mail at

What is the ICRC hotline for journalists on dangerous assignments?

When reporting from war zones or other areas associated with armed violence, journalists are often exposed to serious danger. The ICRC operates a hotline enabling media professionals, their families, co-workers, or the media organizations they work for, to request assistance when a media professional is detained, missing, wounded or killed.

When you contact the hotline, please try to have at hand the concerned media professional’s name, date of birth, a short description of events, and, if possible, the location of the incident.

For more information, check out our FAQs, our emergency hotline for journalist's brochure and our broader IHL resources for media professionals.

How does the hotline work? 

Within 24 hours of contacting the hotline, the caller will receive an answer as to what extent the ICRC can help. Circumstances allowing, things that the ICRC can do include: seeking confirmation of an individual’s detention, capture or other deprivation of liberty (as well as related information); tracing missing journalists; helping them restore or maintain contact with family members; organizing evacuations; and in the worst-case scenarios, transferring mortal remains.