How Does Law Protect in War? Online platform

27 October 2014

Cases, Documents and Teaching Materials on Contemporary Practice in International Humanitarian Law, by Marco Sassòli, Antoine A. Bouvier and Anne Quintin

The ICRC's core publication on teaching international humanitarian law (IHL) is now online, providing academics, researchers and students with a wealth of updated resources, cases and references, in a user-friendly format.

"The online casebook is a fantastic teaching and research tool, and to the best of my knowledge, nothing similar exists. It provides a unique opportunity to easily access a virtually exhaustive and up-to-date source of IHL materials, covering the latest hot topics and including questions designed to stimulate debate on the challenges of IHL." (Julia Grignon, Associate Professor, Laval University)

Users will find three main sections through which they can easily navigate. "The Law" presents IHL carefully and systematically, outlining each topic and referring readers to the pertinent parts of "Cases and Documents," to articles from the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols, and to the rules set out in the ICRC Study on Customary IHL. Selected bibliographies facilitate further study and a deeper understanding of each topic. Many of the articles mentioned are available through the ICRC's library.

"The Practice" contains more than 300 cases and documents – many of them new – illustrating specific topics of IHL by drawing on public sources relating to contemporary armed conflicts. The "Discussion" section for each case, which raises thought-provoking questions, aims to foster reflection and debate among students. All the cases and documents can be consulted by region, theme or type of document, allowing users to easily find relevant material for an IHL lecture, a panel discussion or research.

The content is extremely rich, and one of the advantages of the online version over the hard copy is that its search engine facilitates in-depth research." (Frédérique Mariat, student at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights)

"Pedagogical resources" offers recommendations on how to teach IHL, and a series of useful course outlines for university professors in the fields of law, journalism and political science.

The novelty of the online platform resides in its easy navigation, through hyperlinks, from legal theory to humanitarian practice. New case studies on emerging humanitarian and legal issues will be regularly added, supplying professors with up-to-date teaching materials. A search engine and an extensive index will also permit users to perform quick searches using key words.

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