ICRC Library

Created in 1863, the ICRC Library represents alongside the ICRC archives the indispensable documentary reference on the ICRC and IHL.

The Library of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) makes available to the public:

  • an extensive collection of IHL publications, reflecting the thriving research on the subject;
  • all ICRC publications including every issue of the International Review of the Red Cross since it was founded;
  • preparatory documents, reports, records and minutes of Diplomatic Conferences where the main IHL treaties were adopted;
  • official documents and records of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Conferences, during which many IHL matters are discussed;
  • rare books published in the period between the creation of the ICRC and the end of the First World War and charting the influence of Dunant's ideas;
  • and a unique collection of military manuals, legislation and case law addressing IHL rules at domestic level.

Each journal article, chapter, book, working paper, report etc. is catalogued separately, making the ICRC Library's online catalogue one of the most exhaustive resources for research on the ICRC and IHL.