What the ICRC is doing in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the ICRC is:

  • helping the Indonesian Red Cross, the authorities and ASEAN to develop their emergency response;
  • working with the Indonesian Red Cross and local NGOs to support medical care for cataract patients and the victims of sexual violence in remote areas of Indonesia;
  • promoting IHL, focusing on such regional priorities as maritime security;
  • promoting international law-enforcement standards with the police and armed forces (including Indonesian troops deployed in peacekeeping operations abroad), ministries and universities;
  • working closely with the authorities to integrate IHL and law enforcement standards into national legislation;
  • maintaining a dialogue on humanitarian principles and the conduct of humanitarian activities with humanitarian agencies in South-East Asia;
  • helping separated relatives (including migrants) to keep in touch, working in close cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross.

The ICRC has been present in Indonesia since 1945, helping people affected by violence and building respect for international humanitarian law.