Jordan: Launch of the Professional Standards for Protection Work

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) held the regional launch of the third edition of the Professional Standards for Protection Work in Amman on 25 June with the participation of several humanitarian organizations and other relevant actors. 

In his opening speech at the launching ceremony, which took place at Columbia Global Centers, Mr Juerg Montani, head of the ICRC delegation in Jordan, said, "It is essential to launch the standards here in Amman, because we are at the heart of a region where protection challenges are countless and complex."

The Professional Standards for Protection Work are a set of minimum but essential standards aiming to ensure that protection work carried out by human rights and humanitarian actors in armed conflict and other situations of violence is safe and effective.

"Protection is no longer the exclusive domain of humanitarian organizations. The current humanitarian situation in the Near and Middle East continues to call for concerted and coordinated efforts from all actors involved in protection work," added Mr Montani.

It is worth noting that the latest edition of the standards reflects the changes in today's operating environment, the rapid developments in the field of technology, including information management and data protection, and the potential implications of the counter-terrorism legislation on the activities of protection actors.

The ICRC led extensive consultation process which resulted in the adoption of these standards (full version and abridged edition) along with numerous actors in the field of protection. A mini-site and a mobile application are also available for iPhone and Android devices.


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