The ICRC in Africa: Key operations

Dropping food to hungry people in remote areas of South Sudan. Treating the injured in Mali. Supporting hospitals in Libya. All over Africa, the ICRC is helping people affected by war and other violence.

The ICRC in Africa

29 delegations and missions

5,200 employees

610 million Swiss franc budget
40% of the ICRC's global budget for field operations

Some of the ICRC's key Africa operations

The ICRC's Africa operations in 2014 – some figures

Visited 288,000 detainees in 680 places of detention

Distributed 84,000 Red Cross messages
Facilitated 430,000 phone calls between relatives
Reunited 950 children with their families

Distributed food to 1.8 million people

Distributed essential household items to 1.1 million people

Distributed seed and fertilizer to 2.7 million people

Provided 3.1 million people with water and/or shelter

Supported 170 hospitals and 35 physical rehabilitation centres

Provided physical rehabilitation services for 23,000 people


All figures are rounded. We will publish figures for our work in 2015 as soon as possible.